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March 16 2011

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March 06 2011

5th Seiyuu Award winners.

I srsly have nothing to say about the winners this year. Don't feel like saying anything either. 
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February 18 2011


I'm still alive................

I guess so....

Still can move on.......

Moving on.....

Too much heart-leaps can really cost my life one day.....

February 14 2011

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Happy Valentine's Day :D

February 11 2011

Snowing in Tokyo!! XD
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Tainaka Sachi is such an underrated singer :x Her talent is undoubtedly good as her vocals can reach up to 3 octaves. This might lead to contradiction, but Tainaka's the first Japanese I've heard of that has the ability to do that whistle voice only Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera can do so far. Okay, maybe JUJU. Well, she DID rise to fame with her debut and 2nd single. Then again, those were tie-ins with Fate/stay Night. Interestingly, all her tie-ins with F/sn so far have been a hit but her own works seems to be overshadowed. This instantly reminded me of someone. Ito Yuna. Ito's success was definitely better than Tainaka's, having tie-in songs with NANA and even acting in the movie, but her other releases weren't as successful. Tainaka on the other hand, is a skillful lyricist AND composer.
Well, Tainaka switched labels as of this year. Let's see if there's any improvements.

February 08 2011

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January 15 2011

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One of the methods in attempting to bully a 先輩 ww

Original picture by おうとり先輩. Edited by me ^^v
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